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How was your stay home day so far? Hope you are always in happy and good condition.

2020, the year with beautiful numbers that bring big surprises for all of us. It was not long before we felt the enjoyment of New Year’s eve, there were still many resolutions that had not been realized, but apparently, the beginning of 2020 had a big surprise for us. Covid-19, a word that some time ago was very unfamiliar and probably only could be heard occasionally on TV, is now very close to us. Covid-10 is a pandemic that emerged at the end of 2019 and spread very quickly to almost all corners of the world, including Indonesia. The world is ”struggling”, the best word to describes this current situation, I believe. A pandemic that suddenly ravages us. All sectors of life are forced to press out. Health, economy, social and even education face great difficulties. But on the other hand, this pandemic is like a reminder for all of us, especially in the health sector.

The outbreak of the coronavirus is like a restraint to take care of our health better. As we all know maintaining our immunity is one of the basic actions that we can do to prevent virus transmission. Furthermore, the outbreak of the coronavirus in Indonesia forces us to reflect on ourselves, to see whether we have been careful enough in maintaining our health. Have we lived a healthy life? Everyone wants to live a healthy life. But have we already really live a healthy life? Or even some of you still don’t know how can we create a healthy life?

Let’s begin with healthiness. Health is the state of being sound or whole, in body, mind, or soul; especially being free from physical disease or pain. There are many different kinds of health: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, and so on. The different kinds of health are all interlinked. Your physical health will influence your mental health; your spiritual health affects your emotional health, etc. If you have a fit and healthy body then your physical health is good but is that enough to categorize you already have a healthy life? No, unfortunately, not yet. healthy life seems easy but complex. As I said, the different kinds of health are all linked. If you started going out with someone, you might have great emotional health, but if your physical health is low, your total well-being cannot be at its peak. You have to bring all kinds of health together in order to live a fully healthy life.

So, how can you create a healthy life? You may have concerned about your health. Living with maintaining the clearness and hygienic, eat a lot of vegetables and fruit, eat healthy food, and do sport or exercises. Well, you do great. that’s a good habit and keep going. But to create a healthy life requires efforts not only from one person. It takes a lot of effort and must be done together. A healthy life comes from a healthy environment. What is a healthy environment and why it is necessary? Why should you care about your environment when you can maintain your healthy life by yourself?

Well, there are many ways to define a healthy environment. It includes the air we breathe, our water, our food, and our surroundings. It’s the chemicals, radiation, and microbes as well as the physical world that we have contact with every day. You might say you can live a healthy life by taking care of your own diet and exercise, but environmental conditions have a great effect on your life. however, the quality of your environmental conditions will also affect your life. If the environment where you live has high air pollution, your respiratory health will be affected. If the water in your environment is exposed to germs, you will experience a lot of health problems. Therefore, environmental conditions are very important to create a healthy life.

Well, what are the things you can do in creating a healthy environment? As you start it from home, avoid using chemical pesticides and fertilizers as much as possible. Many of these products emit nitrous oxide, which is a greenhouse gas. You also can make sure to unplug any tool that consumes electricity when it is not used. You also can walk, jog, bike, or use public transportation whenever possible. It’s great for your health and the environment too. You can reduce the usage of the wooden stove, maintain a healthy ecosystem, recycle the waste product, refuse single-use items (especially plastic), buy locally, eat more plants, compost your food waste, you can also start to plant trees and landscape with native plants, and many more you can do to maintain a healthy environment.

All of the things I mention are simple and easy, right? So why won’t we start doing it? It’s good for us and good for our environment too, especially for a time like this, as we are in the middle of survival from coronavirus. We need to really take care of our health. Taking care of our environment will not only good for us but all people. Good for our family, good for anyone you love, and others.


It’s time for us to start our better life. Star to live a healthy life. Let’s start with small things and get a better life.


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